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Plates For The World was born out of the commitment to elevate the Design ceramics produced in Portugal.

When we think of Portugal, we necessarily think of Portuguese ceramics.

Millennial art, which today includes porcelain, crockery, faience, tiles…

We return a little of the Portuguese tradition to the world, through high quality products and unique trait, in the form of author’s ceramics, produced in Portugal.

Plates For The World is a company specialized in finding the best and most sustainable ceramic manufacturers in Portugal.

Quality and Sustainability

We seek to produce your choice, from the smallest to the largest studio, always with a focus on quality and sustainability, seeking to mitigate the ecological footprint, without wasting natural resources. Dishes for the world and for a better world!

You will find ceramic classics, traditional ceramics, personalized ceramics, handmade ceramics, special pieces and even special editions.

From Start to Finish

It all starts with the customer’s need and Plates For The World is responsible for the process, from finding the best products to their delivery to the customer’s home.

For any questions related to the process of choice, design, production, do not hesitate to contact us by email,

Plates For The World will be very close to the customer throughout the process. We want you to feel part of the whole process and to feel part of the piece that will be part of your house!